Supplying data for buildings with an industrial function
Heat loss calculation

If certain values or details are unknown average values will be used.

Supply a drawing in a DWG or DXF extenstion to Should this not be in your possession then a PDF or JPG format is also suitable.

Room T room* [°C]

* Enter T room only if it differs from values below

room temperatures for underfloor heating

Is there ventilation to be used?  
If yes, choose one of the possibilities below:    

  Natural supply/natrural extraction
  Natural supply/mechanical extraction
  Mechanical supply/natural extraction
  Mechanical supply/mechanical extraction

Is the ventilation air pre-heated?  
If yes, what is the supply temperature of the ventilation air?  

Is there a night setback applied or a continuous operating system?  

What kind of temperature control is there to be used:

  One central controller
  Individual zone control per room

In which room is the one central controller?  

What kind of temperature control is there to be used:
  Optimizing control
  Not optimizing control with natural ventilation
  Not optimizing control with mechanical ventilation

Is there a discontinuous flow of material having a lower temperature?  
If yes, what material and with which mass?  

Is there heat gain of:    
Continuous transit of hot products through space?  
If yes, what is the average surface and surface temperature?  
Heat generation by processes?  
If yes, what is the electrical power?  

Is there heat loss by local suction?  
If yes, what is the flow rate of the exhaust air?  
which is the temperature of the supplied air?  

Is there any heat loss to cold surfaces?  
If yes, what is the surface area and the average surface temperature?  

Enter the Rc Values for the different partitions walls

partitions wall Rc value