Supplying data for buildings with a residential function
Heat loss calculation

If certain values or details are unknown average values will be used.

Supply a drawing in a DWG or DXF extenstion to Should this not be in your possession then a PDF or JPG format is also suitable.

Room T room* [°C]

* Enter T room only if it differs from values below

room temperature underfloor heating

Is there ventilation to be used?  
If yes, choose one of the possibilities below:    

  Natural supply/natrural extraction
  Natural supply/mechanical extraction
  Mechanical supply/natural extraction
  Mechanical supply/mechanical extraction

Is the ventilation air pre-heated?  
If yes, what is the supply temperature of the ventilation air?  

Is there a night setback applied or a continuous operating system?  

What kind of temperature control is there to be used:

  One central controller
  Individual zone control per room

In which room is the one central controller?  

Enter the Rc Values for the different partitions walls

partitions wall Rc value