Supplying data for buildings with a residential function
Layout plan and Heat loss calculation

If certain values or details are unknown average values will be used.

Supply a drawing in a DWG or DXF extenstion to If you don't have these, a PDF can be converted to a DWG file or the PDF can be used as an underlayer. A JPG (or another pixel extension) can also be used as an underlayer.

Supply water temperature [°C]  
Screed type (cement, seamless floor, other ...)  
Screed thickness [cm]  
Tubes diameter [mm]  

Floor structure underfloor heating


Room T room* [°C] Type floor covering

* Enter T room only if it differs from values below

room temperature underfloor heating

Name the positions of the manifold(s) if they are not shown on drawing:  
How many groups can be used maxiumum on one manifold?  

  Supply- and returnpipes always through doorways
  Always the shortest way for supply- and returnpipes (cutouts through walls)
  The shortest way for supply- and returnpipes but where possible trough doorways

Are there edge zones applied?  
If yes, where?  

  Bifilar / Snail pattern
  Spiral pattern

  There is no floor cooling to be used
  There is floor cooling to be used

Is there ventilation to be used?  
If yes, choose one of the possibilities below:    

  Natural supply/natrural extraction
  Natural supply/mechanical extraction
  Mechanical supply/natural extraction
  Mechanical supply/mechanical extraction

Is the ventilation air pre-heated?  
If yes, what is the supply temperature of the ventilation air?  

Is there a night setback applied or a continuous operating system?  

What kind of temperature control is there to be used:

  One central controller
  Individual zone control per room

In which room is the one central controller?  

Enter the Rc Values for the different partitions walls

partitions wall Rc value