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underfloor heating
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The next data is calculated and mentioned on drawing (layout design). All data on one drawing.

With the materials information the right materials and amounts can be ordered or used for a quotation request.

With the room information and the manifold information the underfloor heating can be properly set after installation.

Materials information

verdeler vloerverwarming   Manifold(s) and number of groups  
pipe underfloor heating   Pipe lengths and number of rollers  
kind of system underfloor heating   Isolation (System) in square metres  
Edge isolation underfloor heating   Edge isolation in meters  
  Other items necessary for mounting the underfloor heating  
  Brand independent ór listed with your article numbers  

Room information

Suply- and returntemperature   Supply- and returntemperature  
Information screed   Information screed  
floor covering   Infomation floor covering  
Pipe spacing underfloor hetaing   Pipe spacing per room  
Room temperature underfloor heating   Room temperature  
Surface and circumference rooms   Surface and circumference rooms  
Capacity (absorption at underfloor cooling) underfloor heating   Capacity (absorption at underfloor cooling)  
Floor temperature   Floor temperature  
Manifold information  
Pipe spacing per group   Pipe spacing per group  
Pipe length underfloor heating   Pipe length per group and total  
Capacity per group and total (absorption at underfloor cooling)   Capacity per group and total (absorption at underfloor cooling)  
Flow per group   Flow per group and total  
Pressure loss   Pressure loss  

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